Luck counts, even with wilddogs

Wilddog hunt

When Luck is everything……….

Its crazy to think that I spent almost every day for five years following a pack of dogs in the hope of capturing the moment that dogs pulled down an impala. When the moment did arrive I wasn’t even following the dogs, actually I didn’t even know that they were in the vicinity.I was putting the finishing touches to the book (Running Wild) and at the same time still filming for the National Geographic special on wilddogs. Unfortunately that afternoon a movie camera issue had kept me in camp and I was trying to sort the camera out when an impala bounded over the table I was sitting at. Now anyone who has followed dogs will know that impala have a certain way of getting the hell out of there when dogs are out hunting. I immediately knew something was going down and I grabbed the only camera that was at hand- a stills camera that had only 4 frames remaining on the roll- yes! those were the good old days of film. I arrived at the water a split second after the impala, the dogs had briefly stopped to check for croc’s, a luxury that I didn’t feel I had and as I arrived the first dog disemboweled the impala, as fast as the flash could recycle the next 3 frames were shot and it was all over. These are 3 of the 4 frames…….



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