Hunting of Namibia's Black Rhino

CNN rhino

Namibia’s rhino get international exposure

Namibia’s desert adapted rhino finally get some much needed international exposure, but probably not on the platform that many conservation organizations had hoped for.  There isn’t going to be to many people sitting on the fence with this debate. There is no doubt that the cost of protecting the rhino is astronomical and this may be a way for recouping some of these costs. On the other hand NGO’s and conservation organizations who have been working side by side with officials in protecting these unique rhino may see donor funding evaporate with the subliminal message that there are now enough of this species to hunt.

To get to grips with an issue like this, one would need not only to look at both sides of the story, but more like all12 sides of it. The side that I completely disagree with is the one where Safari Club sell this off as “conservation” and not for what it really is- the very expensive, legal shooting of a rather short sighted animal. No glory there!

Click on the link to see the interview on CNN news.

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