Honey Badgers and their unusual relationship with goshawks and jackals

Honey Badger

Honey badgers and their unusual relationship with Goshawks

Badgers are well know for their tough relentless attitude towards life. No problem seems unsurmountable, be it a pride of lions between them and where they want to go or the bark between them and their next meal. It not uncommon for a pair of badgers to take the fight to a pride of lions and it is usually ends up being the lions that give way. Badgers will strip an entire tree of bark to find that one measly morsel of a gecko. Being nice is not one of the badgers greatest attributes. So what makes the badgers who inhabit the Kalahari tolerant towards other creatures? There is this amazing interaction between badgers, goshawks and jackals that has been  documented where survival is always a challenge, the dry barren Kalahari. Badgers waddle across these dry pans, sticking their noses into every nook and hole they come across. If the waft has potential, a quick dig to check it out and get a better smell, or simply carry on. Suddenly the badger will disappear in a cloud of dust as he tunnels his way towards a rodent or reptile. Now this is when the goshawks and jackals have figured out a quick and easy meal- the badgers do all the work digging out potential prey and when one of the fleet footed rodents escapes  the badger it still has to run the gauntlet of the snapping jaws of the jackal or scimitar shaped blades of a goshawks talons.

This type of  relationships is what makes these small unusual creatures exciting……

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