Buffalo herd stopped by a bird

Buffalo herd stopped by plover

The moment I made this image the thought that went through my mind was about David and Goliath. The famed Chobe river is a great place to find herds of either elephants or buffalo crossing freely between islands and a couple of hundred buffalo swimming was the image I hoped to make. This huge herd had meandered down to the crossing point when the lead buffalos stopped dead in their tracks. From my vantage point I couldn’t see what was causing the delay. Pressure was mounting from the buffalo in the rear but still the leaders refused to budge. I moved slightly to get a better view - and lo and behold: here was a solitary plover on a nest, right in the path of the frustrated herd. The standoff was one-sided (or so I thought). I was sure the herd would use their weight and push through with little regard for the plover's eggs on the ground. Amazingly, this did not happen. The lead buffalo contemplated the situation for a while and then turned and forced the entire herd to move off in a different direction. The image I made didn’t meet my expectations, but exceeded it.

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