Epic wild dog fight

Wild dog battle

What we think is happening with the Wild dogs right now!

We’ve just had a very confusing time up at Chitabe with the wild dogs. Pretty much everything that we thought about wild dogs and their territorial boundaries does not apply right now. The entire situation is very complex and with limited info we have to put a couple of great minds together and basically come up with an educated guess.


In the last month we’ve seen 5 packs in the same area, most of them on different days, until awhile ago when two packs met. There was some aggression but seemingly not an all out fight. Most of the aggression was female on female and turns out that it is actually sister on sister.  The educated opinion is that a large pack of 16 males arrived in the area and have caused chaos. It also seems that females may be vying for better breading potential and hence the sister on sister aggression. So, not only do we have the “Mystery” pack there is a “Chaos” pack, there is some smaller packs right in the middle- we’ve named one “6 pack” due to the fact that they are always outside room 6 at Chitabe. What we thought was the only denning pack (Chitabe pack) this year, is also not so with another denning pack and even something witnessed by our guide Eb’s, was an abduction of puppies from a den by a group of females (possibly sisters) from another pack- this has never been heard of before so most people where a bit skeptical but now we know this to be true- as new information comes in and the picture becomes clearer I will try and update. Out of all this we only have 2 surviving pups from this years den.


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