Kalahari lion and a ground squirrel

Kalahari lion and ground squirrel




The Kalahari lions have this  supposed aura  about them. Big black maned aggressive lions that fight all odds in order to survive in the harsh dry Kalahari. Tough, resilient, no nonsense kind of lions. Again my expectations were dashed like a pinprick to a balloon. I followed this male from before sunup, while he roared and went about marking his well fought over territory. He stops mid stride, head down in the grass and starts digging. This went on for some time with me still completely oblivious to what the final outcome maybe. Even I was about to give up when he lifted his supposedly majestic head and there struggling between  his teeth a mere scrap of a ground squirrel, not even worth a bite, he tilted his head back and just swallowed the tiny morsel.

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