Male lion roaring on a cold winter's morning

Male lion roar image

Male lion roars on an early winter's morning in the Okavango delta

Those early winter mornings in the bush are the best of times. Rolling out of that warm bed, jumping into those chiily clothes and then grabbing a cup of steaming coffee while absorbing the heat from a camp fire is a great way to start the day. Combine that with the call of territorial male lions not too far away from camp and the day hasn't even officially started. Getting out as early as possible has its rewards. With the male lions ringing out their challenge - it is a now cat and mouse scenario to find them before they stop. Fortunately, this particular chap had been chasing hyenas and was only responding to his brother's call- all this happening before the sun had even popped above the horizon. As the first rays of sun found his face, he called, and that was it. He flopped back down, went to sleep, and that was all his activity for the morning. Granted, he probably had a busy night with the hyenas. But getting out early was worth it just for this one image.

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