African Painted dogs playing in water at Chitabe safari lodge in the Okavango

Wild dogs playing in water

I was randomly scrolling through all my images, and I'm happy to admit that the majority are of wild dogs. While there are many of dogs doing various things there is definitley a proliforation of frames of dogs just having fun. If they are not chasing elephant, wildebeest or giraffe around, the next best thing is to play tag in shallow rain pools. What is in short supply is the graceful images of dogs streaking across floodplains in pursuit of their prey. There is only one reason for the lack of these images - the dogs are just too good at what they do. The chase is not long, but it invariably takes place through broken islands and scrub, making driving AND handling a camera an almost-impossible task.

I am lucky in a sense that I get to spend a fair amount of time with the dogs in Botswana and to this day, every opportunity is still a privilege. The morning I made this frame we had spent over 4 hours with the dogs chasing in the hunt, biting a couple of hyenas on the butts and seeing them off, but the magical time was when the pups decided the pool was for having fun and an endless game of tag ensured.

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Cheetah cubs at Chitabe safari lodge

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